2012-2013 Committee


Marcus Stevenson

As Catz JCR president, my role is to make sure everything in the JCR runs smoothly. I represent the Catz student body to college authorities and also to the wider Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). By attending various committee meetings and engaging both formally and informally with college staff, I aim to voice your concerns and ensure we get the best deals financially, socially and educationally. I also act as chairman to uphold the JCR constitution during fortnightly JCR meetings, and are a chance for students to raise ideas, proposals or issues to the wider Catz community. I’m also happy to help wherever and however, I’m needed by committee members and students-alike, so don’t hesitate to send me an email/stop me around college with any questions or queries.


Steph Burrell

As the JCR Vice President, my role is to assist the President in his duties, with specific responsibility for the assigning of students’ accommodation, organising college photographs (matriculation, sports and leavers photographs) and running the DVD library. I support the President at both open meetings and in other JCR affairs and in addition I attend OUSU (Oxford University Student Union) meetings where I am able to represent the views of the Catz JCR. Feel free to get in touch with me regarding any questions or queries whether big or small at stephanie.burrell@stcatz.ox.ac.uk


Ben Thomas

Hi, I’m Ben, and I am your JCR treasurer for this year. This means I handle anything finance related, such as the accounts, subscriptions and events put on by the JCR. I try to ensure the JCR gets the best value for money possible, and aim to facilitate as many events as possible through prudent use of funds. I also organise the ‘Catz Cutz’ discount card, to help you get the most for your money around Oxford. If you have any questions or ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Domestic Liaison Officer

James Gibson

Hi I am James and I am the Domestic Liaison Officer (DLO) of the JCR. I help to ensure that domestic matters around the college are in the best interests for students. I make sure that there are sufficient storage places for international students to keep their belongings in during the vacations, and I deal with any students’ concerns with hall or cleaning. I am also a member of the Fabric subcommittee which discusses the fabrications of the college. If you ever have any concerns or issues relating to the domestic matters at Catz then do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to assist!


Sabrina Barrett

As JCR secretary I keep everyone in college up to date with what is happening around Catz and Oxford. I send out the biweekly newsletter, put together the agendas for open meetings and take the minutes at them. I also help keep the JCR organised and am responsible for elections and the notice board. Feel free to email me or chat to me at open meetings if you have any queries!

Female Welfare Rep

Georgina Colquhoun

Male Welfare Rep

Jake Hartley

Hey guys, we’re your Welfare Reps for the year! We’re here to help, simple as that. If you’ve got any problems, big or small, we work in conjunction with the Peer Supporters to offer advice or just an attentive ear, and will of course treat everything we talk about with the strictest confidence, so no worries! In addition to plenty of new and exciting things that we will be putting on throughout the year, every Sunday we run the aptly named Sunday Welfare, a beautifully friendly gastronomical experience (i.e. we all chat and eat some free cake), so make sure you get involved, we’d love to see you there!

On top of all this, if you ever need any condoms/lubricant etc. drop one of us an email, we’ll pidge them over ASAP, no questions asked.


Atty Fitzgerald

Hi I’m Atty and I’m your OUSU (Oxford University Student Union) rep. I’m here to represent your views on issues that affect the university as a whole. OUSU deals with a wide range of issues, from campaigning on tuition fees to running student support and it’s important that Catz has a voice on these matters. I will also keep you up to date with changes made at OUSU council and inform you about any campaigns that OUSU is running. If you have any queries about what OUSU does or the services it provides to students don’t hesitate to get in touch. Atalanta.fitzgerald@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

Clubs and Socs Rep

Ben Trigg

As the Clubs and Socs Rep, my most important role is to ensure that the non-academic interests of students can be pursued here at Catz (whether this be sport, music drama etc.) and to try and get as many people involved as possible. In order to do this I notify people of opportunities to get involved and must liase with the the leaders of different clubs and societies and groundsmen to ensure everything is running smoothly. I am also responsible for putting the clubs and socs budget together and answering any questions regarding clubs and societies from students and staff. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Entz Reps

Joss Turton
Indira De Graaf

“Entz” encompasses the social side of college life and it is our job as Entz reps to ensure that students from all years have ample opportunity to let off steam after a hard week’s work and to preserve the college’s well-earned reputation as being a laid-back environment which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Central to this are the fortnightly Entz (Catz lingo for what other colleges call Bops). These shindigs are a treasured institution across the years in Catz and are the events around which the rest of your social calendar revolves. we view this role above all as a team effort since it is our task to reflect the tastes of the entire student body within the college and for this reason we would really encourage you to get in touch via e-mail (jocelyn.turton@stcatz.ox.ac.uk or indira.degraaf@stcatz.ox.ac.uk) with any ideas or suggestions.

Charities Rep

Danny Smith

Charity Links: Raise and Give (www.oxfordrag.co.uk) Emilie’s Charities (www.emiliescharities.org.uk)

Hi I’m Danny, the JCR Charities Rep for this coming year. Catz has a strong and improving record of fundraising and charity involvement in Oxford, whilst many members of the JCR are involved in inspirational work and projects around the world outside of college life. We have a strong affiliation with Emilie’s Charities, set up in memory of an ex-student, Emilie Harris,  tragically killed in a cycling accident in Oxford, that supports projects involving under-privileged children and young adults in the developing world. Half of our annual fundraising goes towards Emilie’s Charities, whilst the other half goes towards a cause nominated by members of the JCR and voted on by the whole college – last year this was Star of the Sea School in Ghana.

Publications Rep

Rosie Bridson

If you particularly enjoyed Freshers’ Guide or the Alternative Prospectus then it’s my fan club you want to join. Apart from these, throughout the year I create advertising material for events in college. If there’s something you feel the rest of Catz should know about then contact me and I’ll help you turn it into a publications masterpiece. My affinity for Photoshop has also been known to bring much joy so if you have a picture that’s perfect except for that one thing or just think superimposing a dragon would triple the likes on your Facebook album then feel free to send me your requests.

IT Rep

Sam Lanning

Hey there, as IT Rep, my role is to mainly manage the JCR Website, manage the mailing lists, run the elections, and represent the voice of Catz JCR members with regards to technology and IT at Catz.

If you have any feedback or questions about the website or anything IT related at catz, feel free to drop me a line via email or facebook.


Matt Wigens

Go to LGBTQ links

As LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Rep) I am responsible for welfare concerning LGBT affairs. I will be organising events throughout the year as well as letting you know about OULGBT events. Additionally, I am here to provide support for LGBT and Questioning members of college so do not hesitate to chuck me an e-mail if you have any ‘queeries’!

Environment and Ethics Rep

Rebecca Elliott

Hiya I’m Becka Elliott, a second year Biologist, and as the JCR’s Environment and Ethics Rep it’s my job to make it as easy as possible for you all to live in a responsible and environmentally- friendly way! This includes making sure everyone knows about recycling (boxes in every staircase and by the laundry room), water saving (turn the tap off while you brush your teeth) and energy saving (turn lights off when you’re not in a room). This may all sound like nagging but can actually make a big difference! It’s also my job to attend OUSU E&E meetings and try and promote E&E issues across the university and also report back to you guys about what’s going on in the wider university community. Also, look out for an upcoming E&E page on the JCR website, detailing the whats and wheres of recycling, as well as tips on being environmentally friendly.

Equal Opportunities Rep

Mike Livesey

As your Equal Opportunities Rep, I work to encourage equality within the college. During my time as your rep I will be trying especially hard to ensure that the physical space of the JCR becomes a more welcoming environment for the entirety of its membership, as well as trying to make constitutional changes so that voicing opinions during open meetings via the proposition of motions and the debating of those motions becomes a more inclusive process. I will also be organising termly equal opportunities events (from political speaker events to comedy nights); so keep an eye out for emails concerning those… If you have any questions or issues then please feel free to get in touch with me by email or in person – I am happy to chat any time!

Careers & Academic Affairs Rep

Robin Lucas

Hi! I’m your Careers and Academic Affairs Rep for this year. I am there to make you aware of any important careers events and career opportunities. I will be sending out emails from the careers service about the multitude of careers related events that Oxford has to offer. I am the person to turn to if you have any academic issues with the college or problems with the library. I also distribute book grants. Don’t hesitate to get in contact, just drop me an email if you need any help.

Access Rep

Ashleigh Ainsley

Hey, as Catz Access Rep I am responsible for improving our connections with potential applicants and their schools, colleges, and 6th forms in order to reduce any potential barriers to a fair, equal admissions process. Also in my role i promote and involve the college in University initiatives that are already ongoing. My main aims in my term will be to increase our interactive web presence via a Youtube Channel dedicated to access work at catz. Ill also be aiming to increase the amount of potential applicants visiting catz and increase the amount of current students visiting Schools, Colleges and 6th forms around the Country. If you have any questions, concerns, problems or even want to get involved in access work at Catz pleases do not hesitate to give me a shout.