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Hey Guys,

Some of you may have heard about the JCR Committee’s plans to introduce a games console into the JCR. Well now it’s time to set that plan into motion. The first stage is deciding which console to get. And of course the best way to decide is to hold a poll. So here it is: We have added the obvious wii, ps3 and xbox 360, but if you would prefer a different console, like something like an N64 or a Sega Dreamcast over one of the more “current & mainstream” consoles, feel free to vote for RON, and we can open up another poll with all of the suggestions from the JCR.

Please, everyone who cares what console we get, vote for your favourites. This is the deciding poll for this big move by the JCR. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below or over on facebook.

The poll is currently set to close midnight Wednesday evening.

Poll: Catz JCR Games Console

This poll is now closed
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PlayStation 3
XBox 360
RON (Re-Open Nomintions)

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  1. Patrick Tesh says:

    As awesome as having FIFA or COD in the JCR might be, I reckon a Wii might be the best choice. Its the most inclusive console, with games like super smash brothers and Mario kart being more accessible to the less experienced game. These types of games are the most fun when played four people, so more people will get to have a go at once. A large bunch of lads on FIFA every evening might put off many, especially the female half of the JCR, from ever going near the console. Also the Wii is cheaper, and there’s a game that lets you use the Wiimote as a sword…

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