Ballots on Recent Motions

The polls in response to the recent Open Meeting are now up. Both polls will be running until 10pm on wednesday. Please make sure that you vote before then. Also make sure that you read the minutes so that you are familiar with the situation surrounding both of these polls.

- Sam


Poll: Ballot on Motion: Retrospective Voting

Dear Catz,

Sorry about the delay for the poll but I had a look at the minutes at the friendly amendment to make it ‘temporary’ poses a slight problem.

Q: Can we trial this at the Week 7 open meeting? That would be possible.

It has therefore been decided that this vote is to only change the constitution on a temporary basis and you are voting on whether to have a trial of online voting. Once the trial is over, the constitution will revert back to the original method and constitution.

You are voting on whether to allow a trial period for online voting – you are not voting for a permanent change in the constitution.

- Marcus

Please choose an option below to vote

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Poll: Preferred Evenings for Open Meetings

This poll is to gauge the popular opinion on when open meetings should be held. The results of this poll will not directly effect the day that the meetings will be held. It is ultimately up to the committee to decide on the day. Please read the minutes for more details.

Please choose your preference of which day to hold JCR Open Meetings

This poll is now closed
Monday evenings
Tuesday Evenings
Wednesday Evenings
Thursday Evenings
Friday Evenings
Saturday Evenings
Sunday Evenings

One Response to “Ballots on Recent Motions”

  1. Matt Owton says:

    1. No
    2. Sunday Evenings.

    People are much busier on other days so changing the day of the meetings would be a disaster.

    Online voting would reduce meeting attendance even further and people won’t read the minutes and hence will vote ignorantly.

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