2014-2015 Committee


Jack Hampton
Hi there, I’m Jack, a second-year PPEist and the JCR President. My role is to head the JCR committee and by extension the JCR community as a whole. Through my position I fight for the needs of Catz undergraduates by representing their interests and views to the SCR and the wider university, and by assisting other members of the committee through lobbying on behalf of new initiatives; such as a college shop, improvements to the internet and phone signal, and college facilities and services generally. I also chair open meetings and committee meetings, supervise elections, and coordinate Freshers’ Week. Finally, I do a fair bit of behind the scenes work, the treasurer and I negotiate the yearly rent and food price increases, and I sit (along with the respective committee reps) on all sorts of committees that you probably didn’t know existed, including the student liaison committee, IT committee and the fabric committee (which sounds ridiculous but is actually pretty important). Most importantly I’m here to always be on hand to help out and talk to – whether you have suggestions of how to improve Catz, any sort of issue or concern or just fancy a chat, I will always be available.

Vice-President and Domestic Liaison Officer

Callum Kelly 
Hi Catz! I’m Cal, your Vice President for the year ahead. In addition to assisting the President in his duties, I represent the student body to the college on a number of committees, ensuring that whether from an open meeting or a suggestion submitted via the online suggestions page, the student voice is always heard. My responsibilities also include the arrangement of accommodation for currently matriculated students, the organisation of college photographs, and the maintenance and upkeep of the JCR DVD library. In addition to these functions, I also exercise the functions of the Domestic Liaison Officer, and as such am the first port of call for any issues regarding the ease of college life.
If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to know more about the role, feel free to drop me a line at callum.kelly@stcatz.ox.ac.uk, or stop me in passing. I’m always happy to help!


Saleem Akhtar
Hi I’m Saleem, a first year Mathematician, and I’m your JCR treasurer! This means that I handle the JCR’s finances. I manage our accounts, and sort out paying for any JCR events and subscriptions. I also meet with the college Bursar and ensure that the JCR gets the best value for money when using college facilities, including negotiating rent increases! Whether you have questions about JCR funding, or any general enquiries about the JCR, feel free to email me at saleem.akhtar@stcatz.oc.ac.uk


Dan Minister
Hello! I’m Dan and I’m your secretary. What do I do you ask? Aside from the more background jobs of tidying the JCR notice boards, collating newsletters and preparing manifestos in the run-up to elections, I’ll be your port of call for notices or any issues you want addressed in our JCR open meetings. Think of me as your friendly neighbourhood bureaucrat. I’m there to help you write your motions, which put you at the centre of our JCR’s democratic process, before patching them into an agenda and then reading them out and taking the minutes in the meetings. This is a valuable tool to make your time in the college as great as it can be, so use it! I’m always happy to help, whatever your concern or query; you can usually find me pottering around procrastinating, or you can reach me by email. Please don’t hesitate to do so.

Female Welfare Rep

Becky Jenkins

Male Welfare Rep

Liam Saddingtion

We’re Becky and Liam and we’re your Welfare Reps for the next year! We work with trained peer supporters to run drop-in sessions where you can talk to someone confidentially about anything that’s bothering you- nothing is too big or too small. If you don’t want to speak to somebody in college we have a link with Lincoln where you can speak to a peer supporter there.

Every Sunday you’ll find us in the JCR running “Sunday Munch” where everyone is welcome to come down and enjoy plenty of free food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.We are also responsible for sexual health issues in college. As part of this role we confidentially provide condoms, lube and pregnancy tests to the JCR. If you need any of these you can either press the condom button on the JCR website or drop us an email.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any concerns, queries or even if you just want a chat.


Christopher Carson
Christopher has yet to write a bio

Clubs and Socs Rep

Sophie Taylor 
Sophie has yet to write a bio

Entz Reps

Peter Woods
Grace Kneafsey
Grace and Peter have yet to write a bio

Publications Rep

Martin Dickson
Hey Catz! I’m Martin, a Catz lawyer and your Publications Rep for the year ahead. My role on the committee is a bit different to the other roles in that I don’t really represent much, apart from good publications, which doesn’t sound quite as important as promoting equal opportunities – hence why the role is sometimes called ‘Publications Officer’. I’ll be in charge of making the Freshers’ Guide and Alternative Prospectus, but will be available throughout the year to help any of you with any logo-making or publication-producing requirements you have, so get in touch if you want to start promoting a new society! I’ll also be aiding in the production of ‘Catz Litter’, so also come to me with any embarrassing stories (amongst other things, including photos, anecdotes and achievements) that you want to share with the rest of Catz!

IT Rep

Tom Joy 
Hi im Tom Joy, the IT rep for the upcoming year, i’m an engineer who likes computers. Not great with words. Have a nice year. Tom


Eleanor Diamond
Hey, I’m Ellie, a third year lawyer and much more excitingly I’m your LGBTQ Rep!
It’s my job to represent the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer or questioning people at Catz and look after them welfare wise too. Catz is an awesome place to be LGBTQ but when things are a bit tough, I’m always around with biscuits for a discreet and confidential chat.
I also preside over a stash of condoms and lubricant, which you are always just an email away from.
Organising social events is the other half of my role. Whether it’s crew dates with other colleges to meet new people or movie nights in the JCR, I’ll make sure LGBTQ life in Catz is really fun and always inclusive!
So, in the immortal words of the last two LGBTQ Reps, please never hesitate to get in touch if you have any ‘queeries’…
Go to LGBTQ links

Charities, Environment and Ethics Rep

Alex Grime
Hi! I’m Alex, your Charities, Environment and Ethics Rep for the year! My aims are to promote both fundraising and volunteering within college, and also try and make it easier for everyone to live in an environmentally friendly way! As a College we support Emilie’s Charities, set up in memory of Emilie Harris who was tragically killed in a cycling accident in Oxford, which helps less privileged children in the developing world. We also support another charity, voted on each year by the JCR, which last year was Action Duchenne, the first UK organization exclusively dedicated to Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas regarding charity or environment and ethics at Catz, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Equal Opportunities Rep

Holly Sadler 
Hi! I’m Holly, the Equal Opportunities Rep for the coming year. My role involves ensuring equality within the college and the university, so if you ever have any concerns relating to equality issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me! One of the Rep’s roles is to act as a point of contact for international students to help them with any problems they have settling in, especially before the Visiting Student Rep is elected. I am also responsible for bringing the issues of international students to the attention of the college and the JCR committee. To help make Catz welcoming and inclusive I also organise college families, matching freshers and visiting students with parents who guide them through their first few weeks.
I’m also organising the Catz Equal Opportunities Lecture, so if you have any suggestions on who you would like me to invite to college to speak, I’d love to hear from you.

Careers & Academic Affairs Rep

Michael Liu
On the career side of my role, I am focusing on running Catz specific career workshops on CVs, internships, etc. Alongside this, I will be advertising Careers Service events and other opportunities of interest. For the academic side, I am a part of the Library Committee and Student Liaison Committee and my obligations are to make sure there is correspondence between the college and students on academic queries.

Access Rep

Rebekka Smiddy 
Hello Catz! I’m Bekki, your Access Rep this year. It is my job to encourage schools and potential candidates to change their perceptions of Oxford and the admission process. The main focus of my work centres on comprehensive students, those with disabilities and long-term illness, care and young carer leaves, though re-educating misconceptions of all is still of great importance. I shall be generating an “Access Booklet” to send out to schools, providing them with case studies of current students, as well as attempting to reteach teachers and parents about the Oxford admission process. Please contact me if you want to give a talk at your old school, or to get involved in any kind of access work.

Visiting Student Rep

Shannon Weber
Hey Catz! I’m Shannon, and I’m your Visiting Student’s Rep from New York/University of Richmond. I’m here to help integrate the visiting and matriculated students in the Catz community, plan events, and make sure all are welcome. If you have any questions for me or for the committee, I am here to help. Feel free to email me anytime!

Arts Rep

Imelda Dooley-Hunter 
Hi, I’m Imelda, and I’m Catz’s first ever Arts Rep. It’s my job to support you in any Arts-related activities, whether that’s through the Arts Funding process or by helping with promotional and logistical issues. I also liaise with college about both the visual art around Catz and Arts events taking place in the college. One of the most exciting aspects of my job is organising Catz Arts Week, which this year will be held in 2nd week Trinity. I’d love to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have about the Arts in Catz, so please do get in touch!

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