2015-2016 Committee


Sarah White
My role as President is to represent you and your interests to the College. ‘The College’ is a loose term for the fellows (see the glossary) and employees of St Catherine’s who comprise the committees which decide how college is run. I sit on loads of these committees. They concern the physical fabric of the college, the facilities available to students, academic affairs, and welfare and support services. It’s in the meetings of these committees that I negotiate rent and food prices, and implement the ideas which get raised at JCR open meetings. I chair these open meetings four times a term. All JCR members are welcome to attend and are invited to have their say in JCR affairs by proposing a motion, whilst eating free food (can’t be bad). These motions range from the spending of JCR funds, to lobbying the College, to collectively deciding a stance to take on university-wide issues.Notable motions in recent times have seen us buy a massive gong to sound when last orders are called in the bar, and give support to Oxford Dignity Drive, a fantastic charity working to give homeless women access to sanitary products. Open meetings are always eventful, and the best way of finding out how the college and the JCR are run. They’re really worth going to, because decisions made there will directly affect your life in college. And also because of the free food. As well as going to all of these meetings, I’m in charge of the JCR’s substantial budget, along with the JCR treasurer and Vice-President.
Most importantly, I’m also here to always be on hand to help out and talk to you -whether you have suggestions of how to improve Catz, any issues or concerns, or just fancy a chat.

Vice-President and Domestic Liaison Officer

Sian Kelly 
Hey I’m Sian, your Vice President and Domestic Liaisons officer for the year! As part of the executive committee I attend lots of meetings with college, so a large part of my role is acting as a voice for the JCR so do feel free to approach with me with any ideas/concerns etc. On top of this, as part of my Vice Presrole, I organise college photos, leavers’ lunch, the DVD library and I also step in for the President if she can’t do something. As Domestic Liaisons Officer I am also your first port of call regarding issues with your accommodation so again feel free to drop me an email if you have any problems :)


Pete Stephenson
Hi I’m Pete, the one with all the money. Basically as treasurer my job is to reimburse people and sort out the budget for the year. Also I’m in control of the games room, so all the darts boards, pool tables etc. If you want to know anything about the JCR finances or have questions about the JCR in general feel free to drop me a line


Chloe Rutland
I’m the go-to girl for all things big, bureaucratic ‘n’ beautiful! My role involves maintaining the JCR noticeboards, taking care of our treasured JCR constitution, as well as organising our (pretty brilliant) JCR open meetings. This means assembling all your motions into an agenda ready for the meetings, as well as getting minutes sent out afterwards, so everyone knows what’s going on. Open meetings this year have been pretty revolutionary… Importantly, we managed to increase the range of VK flavours behind the bar; incidentally, we also successfully declared legal independence of our JCR from the College. Both, I reckon, big and important. See me around in the JCR, or drop me an email, if you want some help writing your first motion -always keen to help!

Female Welfare Rep

Chloe Hykin

Male Welfare Rep (TT)

Joe Gentle

Male Welfare Rep (MT and HT)

Harvey Jones

We’re Chloe and Joe and we are your welfare reps for the next year. Our job is to make sure that you are well cared for in college. We want to maintain the friendly, safe and happy atmosphere at Catz that makes it so great. Throughout the year we run a number of fun events to make sure we are all happy and healthy, including film nights, gingerbread decoration and more recently, sexual health week. We will be keeping you updated so keep your eye out for anything that might take your fancy.
Every Sunday we run “Sunday Munch” in the JCR where anyone can turn up, have a chat, relax and enjoy some free snacks. It’s a lovely way to end the week with everyone whilst eating free snacks. Did we also mention there are some free yummy snacks? You can also send your friends something tasty every 5th week (Yay! More snacks!) if they need a little bit of a cheering up.
In college, one of our larger roles is to offer support and advice. Armed with tea, biscuits and a lovely group of peer supporters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any concerns, queries even a friendly chat! You should know that you always have someone who is willing to listen -whatever the problem.
We’re also responsible for Sexual Health in college, and we can confidentially and discretely provide free condoms, lube and pregnancy tests -just drop us an e-mail or press the condom button and we will pidgethem to you. We have also both been trained to deal with Sexual Assault (along with a team of First Respondent Trained 2nd and 3rd years) and should anything of this nature happen to you, we can offer support.


Zacharias Grader
Hi everyone, I’m Zach, a second-year historian and your very own representative to OUSU, the Oxford University Student Union. My functions are essentially like being a much lamer MP: I discuss and vote on policies implemented across the University, help people get connected to broader Oxford campaigns and movements, and largely feel self-important. If you have any questions whatsoever about student government at Oxford or what’s out there that can make you feel useful and happy, don’t be a stranger. I am very approachable and will go to the ends of the Earth (jk, just Oxford) to make sure you have whatever resources or info you may need.

Clubs and Socs Rep

Emma Hallam 
Hey Catz! I’m Emma, a 2nd year experimental psychologist and I’m also your clubs and socsrep! There are currently 46 clubs and socsavailable in Catz, so hopefully there will be something you are interested in! Joining a club or society is such a great way to meet people in Catz and they are all a lot of fun! Come along to the Catz fresher’s fair to sign up for something! If you have any questions please ask me!

Entz Reps

Andrea Sisko
Sally Schwartz
EntzReps are essentially the social chairs of the college. Our job is to make sure that you all have the best time possible while here at Catz, which includes creating and running the Entzes, promoting club nights, and creating fun social activities throughout the year. We also play a large role in Freshers’week, making sure everything runs as smoothly and with as much fun as possible.

Publications Rep

Imo Reeve-Tucker
Firstly I’m in charge of Catzlitterwhich is a snapchat account to which you can send anything -I will keep the best ones which will have a resurgence in an end of term publication. But most importantly I also want to create a termly newspaper for the college called CatzTales(not to be confused with Catztails–see glossary), for which I hope to elicit a whole range of articles from people around the college whether it be about something you are truly passionate or just find relatively funny. My main aim with it is to really bring out Catz’ character and even include some arts’ sections since we have so much talent in college. So do look out for my emails and get involved, it’s a great way to exercise writing should that be something you’re interested in, or just showcase your talent. Much love.

IT Rep

Matt Newton 
Hi all I’m Matt, if this website is broken then its my fault apparently.


Anna Lewis
Hi, I’m Anna and I put the bi in biochemistry! When I’m not writing essays in the Catz library you can find me playing late-night ice hockey or at one of the weekly university-wide LGBTQ drinks events.I represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning students within college, as well as looking after their welfare. This can involve (among other things!) handing out lube and condoms, organising social events and being there to listen to your concerns.I can’t wait to welcome you to Catz! Feel free to get in touch if you have any worries, issues or just want a chat.
Go to LGBTQ links

Charities, Environment and Ethics Rep

Katy Whelan
Hi I’m Katy, a third year medic and the CEE rep. The JCR chooses a number of charities to support every year and one part of my job is to organise all kinds of fundraising events for everyone to get involved in, such as college barbecues and pub quizzes. The other part is to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable living in college. If you ever have ideas relating to charity events or E&E get in touch. See you soon!

Equal Opportunities Rep

Isabelle Monterio 
Hello Catz! I am you Equal Opportunities Representative for this year. That means I’ll be the person to talk to if you face any kind of discriminatory behaviour so please don’t hesitate to send me a message. If you are interested in getting involved in liberation movements across the university, I’ll be able to give you information on that too. I’ll also be organising for some speakers to come to college so watch out for that later this year.

Careers & Academic Affairs Rep

Max Kulaga
Getting into Oxford is a huge success and can open many doors for you. Although you obviously shouldn’t worry too much about your career path after university at this point, I’m there to remind you of the many opportunities there are and to help you out with any questions you might have. I will work together with the careers service to tell you about events and organiseworkshops at Catz in order to prepare you for internship or job applications. In terms of academic affairs, I will liaise between students and the college if any academic issues should arise. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and enjoy your first year.

Access Rep

Lily McIlwain 
Hey hey, I’m Lily and I’m your access rep for the year! I co-ordinate the team of Catz Ambassadors, our wonderful group of students dedicated to widening access to the college. Catz is doing loads of great stuff to ensure the brightest students get here regardless of background, and students are absolutely crucial to our access work. If you’d like to get involved in any way, get some resources for giving a talk about Oxford in your old school, or find out about the many many outreach programmesaround Oxford, feel free to email me anytime!

International Students Rep

Latifah Sat
Hi! I’m Latifah, your International Students Rep. I’m going into my second year of law. I hail from the city with the best skyline in the world, namely Hong Kong. I hope homesickness will become a thing of the past with the activities I plan on organising this year. These include various socials involving exchange of culture and Hall with international cuisine. Please feel free to find me anytime. I am (hopefully) a good person to talk to and will try my best to help you settle in and call Catz your home.

Arts Reps

Tom Barrie 
Lucy Byford 
The role of JCR Arts Rep is obviously the most important of all of them, considering the genius Catz produces every year in fine art, writing, photography, music, dancing, filmmaking and acting, to name but a few. Catz Arts Week happens every Trinity, and is the envy of Oxford –to help with this, Arts Society was set up this year and membership stands just under 30 or so.

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