Current Committee


Alexander Langedijk
Hi! I’m Alex, a second-year Physicist and JCR President for the 16/17 academic year. I’m here to represent your interests as students to the fellows and employees of the College. Members of my committee and I sit on many of the same committees as they do, in which we discuss how college should be run. They concern the physical fabric of the college, the facilities available to students, academic affairs, and welfare and support services. In these committees I bring the ideas discussed and voted on from JCR open meetings to the table and ensure that our voices are heard. All JCR members are invited to attend open meetings or propose motions which range from the spending of JCR funds, constitutional changes or collectively deciding to take a stance on university issues. Open meetings – of which I am chair – occur 4 times a term and I ensure everyone gets a fair amount of time to speak (and their fair share of the free food!). I highly recommend attending these meetings. The decisions made affect all students at college and the more students we have engaging with the process, the more change I can enact on your behalf. They’re also a nice way to get to know the people at college and how it is run; you never know, you might be applying for one of our roles one day! Along with these responsibilities I oversee all projects undertaken by the JCR committee, regulate the JCR and Clubs and Societies budget and negotiate accommodation and food charges for the coming year.

At the end of the day, I’m here for you! I am contactable anytime ( and available to talk if you have any issues, concerns or suggestions.

Vice-President and Domestic Liaison Officer

Will Bennett
Hi Catz! I’m Will, a Human Scientist and your Vice President & Domestic Liaison Officer for the 17/18 academic year. A big part of my job involves attending committee meetings to present the views of the JCR to fellows and employees of the college. The committees I attend include Fabric (anything to do with the buildings/rooms/structural features of Catz), Student Liaison (academic affairs/welfare/support services etc.) and Safety. To have your say on any of these issues come along to an open meeting – it can then become my responsibility to present your view at the relevant committee. Throughout the year I organise a number of college photos and dinners, run the accommodation ballot and assume the role of President when they are not available.

Please feel free to contact me with any VP related questions or ideas you may have this year (, it’s great to hear from you – even if it’s a complaint about the laundry machines :’)


James Evans
Hi! I’m James; a History & Politics student and spreadsheet enthusiast. As JCR Treasurer, I am the person responsible for the budget, the equipment in the JCR, and most importantly, ordering pizza at JCR Open Meetings. Simply, I ensure that the funds are available for the running of events, welfare, and for the provision of equipment and upkeep of the JCR (including the TV subscription, pool tables, games area, dart boards, newspapers, and more).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my role, the finances of the JCR, or just share my love of all things administrative!


Jack O’Callaghan
Hi Catz, I’m Jack and I’m your JCR secretary for the year. My role involves maintaining noticeboards, looking after the ever-exciting constitution (fantastic light reading). I also organise open meetings, assembling motions into agendas to discuss in the meeting, and sending out minutes afterwards so that everyone knows what is going on. These open meetings are a great chance to have your say in the running of college so come along (theres also free dominoes). It’s never too early to get involved in the running of the JCR so go ahead and submit a motion. Motions can range from independence of the JCR from college to mandating the testing of the JCR committee to determine if they are lizards so don’t be afraid to submit a motion. If you are unsure on how to submit/ want help writing a motion just let me know (, I’m always keen to help people get involved in the JCR!

Female Welfare Rep

Elena Zanchini

Male Welfare Rep

James Winder
Hey hey lovely reader! We’re James and Elena – yes, I know Jelena is just about the best couple name you’ve ever heard, and yes, feel free to use it! We’re your Welfare Reps for the year 2016-2017. What this entails, for us, is to ensure everyone dealing with any issue in college is aware that they can talk to and receive help from a solid and well-established welfare “web” within and also outside college.
We are trained as Peer Supporters during Michaelmas 2016, and have a fantastic team of Peer Supporters in college to help us with our important task. This team is there for students who want to talk to a peer who will listen and provide comfort and encouragement. We are also trained as first respondents for Sexual Assault. Our role as Welfare Reps includes providing students with free condoms, lube and pregnancy tests in an entirely confidential manner. The female Welfare Rep is also the Woman’s Officer for college, making sure all our ladies’ voices are loud and clear to college!
We organise numerous pick-me-up events during the term, including Sunday Munch every week, to keep morale high in college. We also try to organise talks from mental health charities, doctors and more. We are extremely keen to hear any ideas you may have on any speakers you’d enjoy listening to.


Tom Turner
Hi! I’m Tom – a PPE student (feel free to roll your eyes) whose job it is to be your OUSU representative. OUSU (which is not the Oxford Union, sorry) is the organisation that represents students interests at a university level, allowing JCRs to cooperate on issues that they simply can’t solve alone (as amazing as our president is, even he can use some support from an external cooperative structure). My job involves making sure that your concerns and issues are heard at a university level whilst also informing you about the work that OUSU does for us. This is mainly done through OUSU Council, for which I will always be looking for people to act as a 3rd vote at council (each JCR is able to send their OUSU Rep, their President and one further individual to vote at OUSU Council); if there’s an issue that you really care about on the agenda one week then that person might be you!

Clubs and Socs Rep

Emily White 
Hey I’m Emily your clubs and socs rep! There are loads of clubs at Catz for everyone to get involved with (something like 45) and they’re all really fun and great opportunity to meet new people. Hopefully there will be something you’re interested in or you even can set up your own club really easily. If you have any clubs and societies related questions feel free to email me or speak to me in person and I’ll answer as best as I can. There’s a Catz Freshers’ fair at the start of the year where you can sign up for clubs but you can join a club at any point.

Entz Reps

Luka Nikolic
Harry Sampson
Hey Catz! We’re Harry and Luka and we’re your Entz reps for next year. As the faces of fun it’s our job to make sure you all have an amazing time in college, organising different social events including legendary Entzes with creative themes to get everyone involved. During fresher’s week we’ll be involved in ensuring you have an incredible week with all sorts of activities designed to keep you having fun but throughout the year we’ll also be responsible for promoting different club nights and other social events of interest. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions drop us an email! We look forward to seeing you round!

IT Rep

Duncan Field 
Hi I’m Duncan, a second year Engineering student, and I’m your IT rep for the next year. As IT rep I’m responsible for managing this website (so if you can read this I’ve probably done my job), looking after the JCR Facebook page, keeping the JCR mailing list up to date and I also act as a link between students and the college for any IT related issues. Another part of my role is running the online polls, whether it’s electing a new committee member or a referendum on a new constitution. If you have any questions then feel free to drop me a message!


Rosie S
Hi Catz!
I’m Rosie, a bi English student and your LGBTQ Rep. I’m here to represent all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning students and anyone else who associates with the spectrum!
My role is basically to organise queer social activities, be a link with the Oxford LGBTQ society, confidentially hand out lube & condoms, and be here to help with any concerns you have. Feel free to message, drop me an email or just get in touch around college if you have any worries, issues, or simply want a chat xx

Charities, Environment and Ethics Rep

Till Wicker
Hi I’m Till, a second year Economics and Management student and the JCR Charities, Environment and Ethics rep for the coming year! As a College we support Emilie’s Charities, set up in memory of former Catz student Emilie who tragically died in a cycling accident in Oxford, which helps less privileged children in developing countries. We also support another charity, chosen each year by the JCR, which last year was Stop the Traffik. My job as CEE rep is to promote fundraising and volunteering in College by making it as fun as possible, like the weekly pub quiz. I also promote environmentally friendly and sustainable living in college. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions regarding charity at Catz.

Equal Opportunities Rep

Dylan Nathwani 
Welcome aboard to your Catz journey! I’m Dylan (though later you will know me as DJ Dyls) and I am your Equal Opportunities Rep this year. My ultimate aim is to ensure you have access to the activities and opportunities you want to embark on, no matter your background. It is all about breaking those barriers and opening new opportunities. There will be a plethora of events organised throughout the year to get you informed, involved and inspired including the jam-packed exciting ‘Equalities Week.’ I am also here for a chat at any time to calm any worries you might have making the big move to University and your journey beyond. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for a chat, want to get involved with Equal Opportunities work or have any ideas or questions!

Careers & Academic Affairs Rep

Eva O’Sullivan
Hi! I’m Eva, the Careers and Academic Affairs Rep for Catz. My job is to keep you updated on any career related opportunities are available, as well as help with any academic issues you might have. I will be working with the Careers Service and other uni based organisations to organise workshops and talks in Catz. These will range from CV to exam talks, helping debunk any fears you might have about anything related to careers or academia. Please feel free to approach me with any problems, or suggestions of things you would like to hear more about!

Access Rep

Molly Williams 
Hi Catz! I’m Molly, studying history, and your Access Rep for this year! My main role is drawing in applications from brilliant students from all backgrounds who have a fantastic potential to thrive in Oxford, especially our fabulous college, regardless of whatever social or financial situation they may find themselves in. There are many ways this can be achieved at Catz, including helping on our open days and residentials, with talks and tours of our lovely college, and even starring in one of our prospective videos (soon to feature on the Catz website!!). I oversee the splendid team of Catz Ambassadors, the body of volunteers who allow access at Catz to run as smoothly and as briliantly as it does, and is an awesome way for you guys to become involved in widening participation at a college level. To become an ambassador, explore an access venture, or to get involved with any kind of access work either at a Catz level or on a wider university level, feel free to drop me a line or have a chat and I’d be more than happy to help you in any way that I can!!

International Students Rep

Mayu Noda
Hey Catz, I’m Mayu, an English student from Tokyo, and your international student rep for the year! I’m here to help make life easier for all the international and visiting students, and to make sure that everyone has a chance to interact with the wonderfully diverse cultural backgrounds that we all bring to this college. I’m really looking forward to improving welfare provisions for non-UK students and promoting greater cultural awareness through lots of exciting events (but maybe not so much the international storage rooms…)!! Please feel free to get in touch if you ever have any questions / want a chat!

Arts Reps

Michael Delgado and Fionn Montell-Boyd
Hi, we’re Fionn and Michael, and we’re the Catz arts reps! It’s our job to take care of all things arts-related around college, including putting on exhibitions, concerts, life drawing classes, publishing the Catz arts publication, and organising the infamous Catz arts week in Trinity term. We think the arts should play a big role in college life, so if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us.

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