Current Committee


Phoebe Whitehead 

Hi, I’m Phoebe! I study Human Sciences and I am the JCR President for the 18/19 academic year. My role is to lead the JCR committee and oversee all JCR projects – encouraging participation in college life and ensuring your voice is heard. I sit on lots of committees with the fellows and employees of the college who decide on how college is run. This covers academic affairs, the facilities of the college and welfare support for students. I also get to negotiate accommodation and food charges for the year, as well as regulate the JCR Clubs and Societies budget. It’s also my job to carry out the ideas brought to JCR open meetings.  These are fortnightly meetings which I chair, with decisions in the meetings directly affecting your life in college. We cover everything from spending of JCR funds, lobbying to college and decisions on university-wide issues.  I encourage all JCR members to come down to open meetings – whether it’s to just attend, eat the free pizza or by getting involved through a motion to improve college life. The meetings are also a great way to get to know people in college and how the student body is run; you never know, you might end up applying for one of our roles!

However, most importantly my job is to represent you and your views! You can contact my email at any time with any questions, queries or suggestions you might have related to college. I’m happy to help!

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Vice-President and Domestic Liaison Officer

Steffan Williams
Hi, my name is Steffan, and I am the Vice President of the JCR Committee (I am also a Human Scientist, like my predecessor!). My job is to represent the JCR’s views to college mainly on these committees: Fabrics (stuff about the buildings and rooms), Safety, and the Student Liaison Committee (with the JCR President). I also organise sports/matriculation photos etc. Many know me as the fool who made a rousing speech about custard in a JCR Open Meeting. As exciting as committees can be, next year (or this year, depending when you’re reading this) will be a big year for Catz (and its committees) with the construction of the new graduate centre. If you want to know anything about the project and how it will impact us, or anything even vaguely related to buildings/rooms (it’s as fun as it sounds!) just ask me –
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Emil Ostergaard Email

Hi everyone, I’m Emil, a second year Physics student, and your JCR Treasurer. I will be in charge of handling all of the finances for our wonderful JCR. This entails managing our accounts, paying for events and subscriptions, buying cool new stuff, and sorting out the budget. Most importantly, I’ll be the one ordering all the pizza’s you could possibly want for the JCR open meetings; so be sure to come down for some free pizza. Basically, I ensure that our money is spent wisely so we can get the most out of it.

If you want to know more about my role or have any treasurer-related questions, feel free to contact me, or if you see me around the JCR (most likely playing pool), come up and have a chat.


Aaron Kiernan
Hey guys! I’m Aaron, a PPEist and Secretary for the JCR! My job is to format the agendas for the open meetings and keep you informed of developments around college. If you want to raise an issue at the next open meeting, I’ll help you format it and explain how the meetings function if you want. I’ll also be the one sending out minutes after meetings so even if you miss one (or all of them) you’ll be kept up to date. I’m also in charge of looking after the college noticeboards and sending notices out to you: if you have a question about putting up notices in college or want me to spread the word about an event you’re running or involved with just get in touch. Finally, if you have any questions at all about Catz, the JCR or student life in general, feel free to ask me –

Female Welfare Rep

Sian Mathur

Male Welfare Rep

Thomas Graham
Hey, we’re Sian (Experimental Psychology) and Tom (PPL), and we are your female and male welfare representatives for 2018/2019! Along with Gaby, your LGBTQ+ welfare rep, we are your points of contact in college if you ever need some to talk to. We are peer support trained in Michaelmas Term with a few other volunteers in college, so will be well-equipped to tackle any issues you may have, or direct you to some of the amazing resources Oxford has to offer. We’re always up for a chat, so message, email or catch us around college to discuss anything that’s on your mind, all in complete confidence. We run many pick me up events throughout the year. Every Sunday we run Munch in the JCR, where we provide a bunch of free snacks to keep you going and give you a break from work. Other events we run include pidging freddos to friends in 5th week, doggo cuddles and free welfare massages. We also invite speakers to give welfare-related talks and workshops to raise awareness about mental and sexual health, and keep the whole college community safe! We also provide LOADS of free sanitary products, condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests, which can all be accessed via the JCR website – just click the handy buttons and we can pidge them to you asap! If you have any questions, ideas for events or just want to say hi, pop us an email – &

LGBTQ+ Welfare Rep

Gaby Kaza 
Hi, my name is Gaby and I am your LGBTQ+ welfare rep, studying English Language & Literature. I have absolutely loved getting involved in the wide variety of LGBTQ+ events both within and outside of Catz. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a large and welcoming LGBTQ+ community at Oxford, and I hope to be a part of many more events and encourage more people to check them out. I will be peer support trained in Michaelmas alongside Sian and Tom, which means I’ll always be happy to talk through any issues you may have, and they don’t have to be LGBTQ+ related! I love sending pick-me-ups to people, so if you need a little note or poem of support, or know of someone who does, then please send me an email- I’m super friendly and love giving out hugs so come and say hi!!


Elliot Frame Email
Hello hi, I’m Elliot, I study Human Sciences and I’m your LGBTQ+ rep. My role involves taking care of the social and the advocacy side of Catz LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bi(sexual/romantic), (binary and non-binary)trans, queer and questioning. The plus symbolises the wide range of other identities in our community, including (but definitely not limited to!) pansexual, asexual, aromantic and intersex people. Next year, the LGBTQ+ welfare rep and I will be doing weekly pre-drinks for EVERY Tuesday Drinks (the oxford university-wide LGBTQ+ soc’s weekly event), so be sure to come down. It’s a really good way to meet people from other colleges and also a chance express your queer-as-hell self in safe space. There are plenty of specific events for different identity groups and I’m always happy to accompany people (/maybe I’ll already be going anyway for myself) so drop me a message on facebook or an email at


Charlotte Sefton Email
Hi! I’m Charlotte, a History and English student and your Oxford University Students’ Union Rep! My job is to represent Catz to the SU, at the student council meetings (Wednesdays of odd weeks from 5:30-7pm- everyone’s welcome to come along!) and to inform the JCR of the SU’s activities and policies. My aim is to make sure as many people as possible in the JCR are involved with, or at least aware of, SU policies and campaigns , so expect a good few emails from me! Feel free to get in touch if you’re curious or confused about anything SU related, or if you’d like me to lobby the council for anything specific!

Clubs and Socs Rep

Meirian Evans 
Hey! I’m Meirian, a medic and your Clubs and Socs rep this year. Clubs and Socs are such a great way to meet new people, to try new things and to take a break from work, and there are so many on offer at Catz! I am responsible for the clubs and socs budget and for sorting out university sports claims, and I also organise Catz freshers’ fair at the start of the year. If you have any questions about clubs and socs or if you are interested in setting up a new club please email me!

Entz Reps

Alex Haji 
Lucy Jackson 
Hey, we’re Haji and Lucy, the entz reps for St Catz. Our main role is to organise entzes- these are themed fortnightly college parties and basically the best things that happen at Catz!!! We will also organise other college social events such as movie and pizza nights. We’re going to make sure you’ll have an amazinggg time in fresher’s week and your first year. If you have any questions or ideas please message or speak to us!!!xxx

IT Rep

El-Amin Ahmed 
Hey, I’m El-Amin, a second year engineer, and I will be your IT rep this year. My job is to (or at least try to) help you with any IT related problems you face throughout your time. Especially tackling the bane of any students existence, Eduroam. I’m easy to approach so if you see me around feel free to say hi or just drop me an email at

Charities, Environment and Ethics Rep

Charlotte Atkins Email
Martha Haslam
Hello, we are Martha and Charlotte, we study biology and are the JCR Charities, Environment and Ethics reps for this year! As a JCR, we support two charities. The first is Emilie’s Charities – set up in memory of a former Catz student Emilie Harris who tragically died in a cycling accident in Oxford. The charity helps fund the education and welfare of children in developing countries. We also support another charity that is elected annually by the JCR, currently this is Books2Africa, which aims to improve the quality of education in Africa through the provision of donated books and education materials – at the same time, this prevents thousands of books going to landfill in the UK. As CEE reps, we organise and promote fundraising events in college, such as the weekly pub quiz and the charity Take Me Out. We are also keen to make Catz more environmentally friendly, so will be cracking down on waste, recycling and water and electricity usage in college. Finally, we keep you up to date with university wide charity/environment events and initiatives. We are more than happy to answer any questions or look into your suggestions, so please get in touch!


Kwame Baffour-Awuah
Hey everyone. I’m Kwame, I study Medicine and I am the Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) rep for this academic year. My aim is to ensure that ethnic minority students feel welcomed and included within Catz, to make sure the everyone has the best experience possible. I will listen to any thoughts and concerns you may have, whether they be personal problems or event ideas, and if desired will bring them to the attention of the JCR and college. I’m (almost) always available for chat if you have anything on your mind so don’t be a stranger and hmu

Careers & Academic Affairs Rep

Anthony Akinwale
Hey Catz! I’m Anthony your Careers and Academic Affairs Rep for this year. My job is to ensure that you are completely aware of the opportunities that are available to you. Whether this is a micro-internship or a graduate recruitment event, look out for my concise emails that will inform you of things you can get involved in throughout the year. Additionally, I will sit on the Library Committee and Student Liaison Committee so do come to speak to me if you have any academic issues with the college or problems with the library. Finally, it must be said that it can get a little stressful during the course of a term and sometimes we just need a second opinion on how to tackle an academic concern. I am here to talk through your academic challenges, irrespective of the magnitude of the issue, and together, we can come up with suitable action plans.

Access Rep

Amie Campbell 
Hi, I’m Amie, I study maths and I’m the access rep for this year!
My main role as access rep is to ensure that our college draws in applications from students from all backgrounds and to make certain that potential applicants know what a welcoming, inclusive and overall great college Catz is. This is achieved through the help of the fantastic Catz student ambassadors, who’s role is crucial to the success of the amazing access programme that we run here. If you would like to get involved in access in anyway or have any access-related ideas, please get in touch!

International Students Rep

Jiaqi Kang 
Hello! My name is Jiaqi and I’m your international student rep this year. I was born in China and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, and I’m a second year art historian. I’m here to make sure that international students and visiting students adapt smoothly to UK life and feel comfortable here, and to organise a range of really fun and inclusive events that will bring the international community together! I’m also unfortunately in charge of the international storage room. I’m always here to listen to your complaints about British people so feel free to drop by my room or contact me online!

Class Rep

Lola Grieve 
Hi I’m Lola, I study Music and I’m your Class Rep for this year! My main role is to ensure that those who are working class, from a low income background, a state comprehensive or first generation uni students feel fully settled in college. I liaise closely with our lovely Access rep Amie, and ensure that students feel fully welcomed. I understand that starting university can be a daunting experience, but Catz is an incredibly accepting place and my job is to make sure that students feel fully comfortable in college. Feel free to come and talk to me about any problems you’re facing as I’m here to help out in any way I can. I’m also involved with more general Access and Outreach, so please do also get in touch if you’d like to help out with Access in any way!

Arts Reps

Cat Cooper and Danny Cummings
Hiya, we’re Danny & Cat the Catz arts reps. We love all things arts related and it’s our job to make sure all the arts activities and arts-related clubs are supported within college. One of our main responsibilities is organizing Arts week, which takes places in Trinity term each year and is week packed full of sick arts events and exhibitions. We also all run exhibitions, concerts, life drawing classes and more all year round, as well as publishing the Catz Arts magazine. Please get in contact with us if you have any ideas for arts week or anything that you would like to be submitted to the arts magazine. We want to hear any suggestions that you have!

Womens Rep

Georgia Sandars
Hi, I’m Georgia, I study psychyology, and I’m your women’s rep for this year. My job is to represent the interests of all self-identifying women, as well as anyone whose identity includes woman, in the JCR community. Over the coming year, I’ll be organising various talks and other events in college, and keeping you updated with what’s going on university-wide. I also sit on the equality committee, and so will be able to help if you want to take any concerns to higher authorities. Finally, I’ll be here to supply a range of sanitary products, and will be able to reimburse you for reusable sanitary products, or the morning after pill if you need it. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or just fancy a chat, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, fb, or in college

Freshers’ Rep

Ross Jenkinson
Hey everyone, I’m Ross and I study Physics, and I’m lucky enough to have the new role of Freshers’ Rep on the JCR Committee! This means I’ll be organising Freshers’ week, which involves making sure there’s always something happening in the JCR, getting good club nights, designing t-shirts, making goodie bags, ice cream, and a questionable amount of compulsory talks.
But Freshers aren’t just for Freshers’ week, and my other jobs are making the Freshers’ Guide, overseeing the stash order, and organising events specifically for the Freshers throughout the year, but with a huge focus on integrating the years and generally making sure everyone has a good time. Basically, I want to help the Freshers’ feel part of the Catz community as soon as possible! I’m hoping to have AT LEAST one conversation with every single Fresher, so please do feel free to chat with me if you see me about (unless you’re not a Fresher – go talk to the Welfare Reps or something).

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