Hall this Week

Each catz student can bring up to four guests without any further notice. However to bring any more than this amount you will have to email Efi in advance; if you wish to bring twenty or more guests then you will have to send the email two weeks in advance.

Some items may contain allergens even if they are not marked on here. If you have any allergies please email the kitchen (tim.kelsey@stcatz.ox.ac.uk or efi.barda@stcatz.ox.ac.uk) before 16:00 on the day so that they can advise you and prepare an alternative for you.

Breakfast is served from 8:15 until 8:45 and you can purchase 8 items for £2.42. For a full list of items and prices click here

This week's hall menu has not been uploaded. It's sent out as soon as the IT rep receives it, but please ensure that they are awake anyway.

Alternatively, you could browse some of the menus we've had in the past: