Computer Accounts

During your time at Oxford, you will be given login details and passwords for numerous accounts on computer systems. Some will be issued by the University, some will be issued by your College, some by your Faculty, and maybe even some by any Societies that you join. Below is a list of accounts that, as a St. Catz Undergraduate student, you will have, and will need to look after.

Oxford Single Sign-On Account (Oxford Username)

SSO username of the Form: scat1234
Eduroam username of the Form:
Managed By: Oxford University Computing Services
More Info: More information on Oxford Username / SSO / WebAuth
Used For: Email (Nexus), WebAuth, Student Registration, Wireless Access
This is a very very important account, this account allows you access to most of your critical university things, emails, registration, course bookings etc.

Passwords for Single Sign-On

This account can have multiple passwords associated with it. A main one (which you will use for logging in to emails / uni websites), and a remote access one, which you use for WiFi (Eurodam).

St. Catz JCR Account

Username of the Form: scat1234
Managed By: St Catz/IT Rep
Used For: Logging into this website.
Forgotten Password: Click here

St. Catz Computer Account

Username of the Form: scat1234 (previously Surname_Firstname)
Managed By: St Catz.
Used For: Activating Computer’s Ethernet Connection, logging in to college computers, printing, booking facilities.
You are given your username and password when you go through your Undergraduate Registration.
Each Catz Student is given a computer account which they must use to activate their computer on the wired network, each account is also given 100MB of disk space to use when logged in on any college computer.
Forgotten Password: Email

Upay Account

Username of the Form:
Managed By: Upay or UpayChilli in cooperation with St. Catz.
Used to top up:
- Bod Card
- Make Bookings (Gym Induction, Formal Events)
- Pay Battels
- Catz Printing Credit
Forgotten Password: Click here