Setting Up WiFi

The college and a large number of the University Buildings have WiFi available. Oxford is particibates in a project called Eurodam (Eurocation Damming), this means not only will you get free WiFi in college, and in your faculty buildings, but in any other university participating in Eurodam.

To get started, you must set up an account by going to the following link, logging in using your Single Sign On account (the account used to log into your emails) and clicking to set up a remote access account:

If you have already set up a remote access account but cannot remember your password, you can create a new password here:

Make sure that your password is DIFFERENT from your SSO Password.

After you have set a new Remote Access password, you will be able to login to Eurodam Wifi on any number of devices you have. When you try to connect, it will ask you for a username and a password. The username is your SSO username in front of “”. E.G: and the password is the one you have just set.

More information about Eurodam can be found here:

Any Problems

Sometimes after following the above steps, there can still be issues with connecting to wifi on certain devices. The OUCS has a handy webpage up for helping out with using Eurodam on lots of devices, here’s the link:

If you still have any trouble connecting after reading the above page, please feel free to contact the JCR Rep, Alex Townsend-Teague at