Quick Guide

Open Meeting Procedure

  1. Members of the JCR are asked to send their motions to the Secretary by 3pm on the day of the meeting. The Secretary then puts these motions into an itinerary, which is e-mailed to all JCR members as well as made available in paper copy at the meeting.
  2. President acts as chair of meetings. In the event of the President’s absence, the chair will pass to the next in the order of precedence (Vice President… then Treasurer… then Secretary…)
  3. The President gives his opening statement on what he’s been up to in JCR business, and then he offers the executive (i.e. the VP, treasurer, secretary and OUSU rep) and then the rest of the committee to present their statement on any business they’ve undertaken since the last meeting.
  4. The chair notes the start of motions and the Secretary reads out the first motion in the itinerary’s proposers and its resolution (“The JCR resolves to…”).
  5. The chair invites the proposition to give a speech for their motion.
  6. The chair then invites any opposition to give a speech in opposition to their motion.
  7. At any moment a member of the JCR may raise a ‘point of order’ or a ‘point of information’.
  8. The chair opens the floor to ‘short factual questions’. Members of the JCR are asked to use common courtesy during this opportunity to allow for proper debate (wit is encouraged). Members will take their turns selected at the chair’s behest, and given their time to speak, one at a time. If necessary, the chair will, at his or her discretion, cut questions short, refuse an opportunity to make a point, or issue the ultimate decree…
  9. The chair ends the questions with an invitation for the summing-up of the proposition and the opposition.
  10. A vote takes place on the motion. Two members of the JCR committee count and the Secretary notes them down. The chair declares the fate of the motion.
  11. This procedure continues for each subsequent motion on the itinerary.
  12. Following the scheduled motions, the chair offers up the floor to any other business from members of the committee or JCR. This is an opportunity for minor motions (below the JCR AOB spending limit), rousing speeches, denouncements, rhetoric styling, shade throwing, bile, or whinging.
  13. Pizza. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!
  14. The JCR Secretary will then hopefully send the minutes around in good time, depending on his stress levels and remaining patience.

Any constitutional concerns/queries consult the Constitution, Secretary, VP or President