Section 10: Vending Machine Monitor(s)

1.The vending machine monitor(s) shall be appointed by interview

i. Notice of an interview date and nomination sheet shall be posted on the JCR noticeboard not less than 5 days before the commencement
of interviewing.

ii. Only a JCR member may be proposed as a candidate. Each nominee must be proposed and seconded with his/her consent by two
members of the JCR, neither of whom may be members of the JCR Committee. No JCR member may propose or second more than one

iii. Interviews and the application process will be held every Trinity Term, when the contract that the current vending machine monitor(s)
hold(s) with the college expires.

iv. The current vending machine monitor(s) is/are allowed to bid to renew their contract with the college.

2. The nominee(s) will take up their duties the following Michaelmas Term

3. Vending Machine Monitor(s) may hold a contract with the college for no more than one academic year (Michaelmas to Trinity) without re-entering and succeeding in interviews (described in 10.1).