Catz JCR Stash 2016

St Catz Stash Range MT 16 – Brochure
Sizing Guide
Order Form

Stash orders are now OPEN! Take a look through the St Catz Stash MT 16 brochure to see the full range, updated with all the colours and sizes available (sizing guide attached)

Placing your order:

  1. Fill in the order form above with details of what you’d like
  2. AND

  3. Send this to via email or give in WITH PAYMENT in person/via pidge
  4. OR

  5. Pay via Cashew app and provide name, email, item + size + colour for each item ordered in the reference (order form then not necessary)

Payment methods:

  1. Cash:

    1. In person – message/email Jasmin to arrange a collection time
    2. Via pidge – put full amount in envelope and pidge this to Jasmin Sahota (J Sahota) AND email/message to let me know asap (then I’ll confirm back to you I’ve got it)
    3. PLEASE write your name on the envelope!
    4. You can send the order form either via email, in envelope with money, or can just write the details from the order form on paper and send with money, but do include ALL info
    5. PLEASE NOTE – no liability for cash that goes missing will be taken by the plodge, Jasmin Sahota or the JCR Committee – pidging cash is at your own risk, therefore it is advised delivery of cash is done in person
  2. Cashew:

    1. Send your payment via Cashew to James Evans and put the information otherwise required by the order form in the reference – name, email, item, size, colour – CRUCIAL you provide this info clearly in the reference (Alternatively, send Jasmin an order form and just detail ‘Stash’ in the reference)

For orders already placed with the MCR for their grey jumpers, they will be processed through at our cheaper price and now handled by the JCR – please send payment through (which is now only £10) to Fien Barnett-Neefs. If you’d like to swap colours, message Fien to do so.

DEADLINE – 12pm Saturday of 4th week (5th November)

Stash should be delivered in 6th week – an email will be sent out when they arrive

If you’d like a size not listed for an item, have any questions or any problems, send Jasmin a message or
email at