Equalities Committee

Hi all, welcome to the JCR page on equal opportunities! Below is a quick run down of the equality committee, please feel free to get in contact with any of us about anything you would like to organise in Catz or any ideas/concerns you may have. There are lots of equality related events organised around college, so keep a look out for JCR posts and emails. We are here as a support network to help you get your voice heard around Catz.

Equal Opportunities Rep: Ellen O’Brien


Hi I’m Ellen, I study Biology and I am your Equal Opportunities rep for this year! My main role is to ensure that everyone in college has access to all of the great things that Catz has to offer, no matter who you are or what your background. I work closely with your LGBTQ, BME, disability, international and welfare reps. I understand that starting at university can be difficult sometimes, so please feel free to come and talk to me about any problems you’re facing.Drop me an email if you have any ideas for equality events or would like to get involved.

BME Rep: Narishma Kotecha


Hey Catz! I’m Narishma, I study History and Economics and I’m your BME (Black and Minority Ethnicities) Rep this year so I’m responsible for all race related things in college. I organise events, talk to staff, work with students at other colleges, post tons of information on Facebook and generally exist to make Catz as welcoming and inclusive as possible for everyone here, regardless of their race, ethnicity or beliefs. If you ever have any concerns, issues or ideas on how to better promote the diversity we have here then please let me know and I will do everything I possibly can to help!

Women’s Rep: Sienna Rothery


Hey all! I’m Sienna, a 3rd year historian and your Women’s Representative for the year! It’s a brand new role and for the first time ever Catz has a position dedicated entirely to representing the interests of all self-identifying women in the college, as well as anyone whose identity includes woman or who considers themselves to be feminine-aligning. As part of my role I’m here to supply students with sanitary products, including sanitary pads, tampons and moon cups, if need be, (and am also able to reimburse you for those products or a morning after pill in case you’ve had to purchase them in emergency situations.) Along with that I’m also organising a handful of women’s only self-care events across the year, so keep an eye out for those and try to come along!

Finally, I’m also fully peer-support trained, as well as First Respondent trained, (which is a training that enables you to assist with situations involving sexual assault), so I’m an absolutely confidential port of call to come along and speak to in case you have anything sensitive you might need to discuss. Additionally I’m also first port-of-call to speak to college in regards to anything to do with sexual harassment, so again, please know that you can feel comfortable coming to me with any topics or instances that you might feel that are concerning you.

Disabilities Rep: Katie Rivers


Hi – I’m Katie, a second year law student and this year’s Disabilities Rep! My main role is to support students with disabilities at Catz, covering everything from physical to learning-based disabilities – if you’re having any problems at all, I’m your gal. I am more than happy to help give you guidance on applying for DSA, receiving support through the University, study advice, and most importantly I’ll be here to just talk to about anything you want. I work closely with the Equal Opportunities Rep Ellen O’Brien, who you can also contact about any related issues. Please don’t be shy to ask for any support – I’m always available for a chat!

Male and Female Welfare Reps: Ben Shuker and Dani Groves


Hey guys, we’re Dani and Ben your female and male welfare representatives for 2017/18! This means we are a couple of friendly faces you’ll see around college who are available to chat to about any worries you may have starting at university away from home. You can chat to, message or email us about anything you’d like to get off your chest in complete confidence. We are peer support trained in Michaelmas term (along with your THIRD welfare rep the wonderful Charlie!!!) and some other lovely volunteers around college; we are all equipped to deal with any concerns you may have.

LGBTQ+ Rep: Charlie Blake


Hi I’m Charlie, an Engineer and your LGBTQ+ Rep for this year! I am here for anyone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or any other minority sexual or gender identity under the sun. If you have any questions about coming out, the LGBTQ society or confidential advice on this, then you are more than welcome to contact me.

International Rep: Raphaëlle Petit


Hola Catz! I’m Raphaëlle and I’m your international student rep for this year!! I come from both France and Mauritius, have lived in Singapore for most of my life and study law with French law. My job is to make sure that international students and visiting students feel comfortable here and hopefully call Catz their home. I also want for Catz’s vibrant community to be well integrated and celebrated. I understand that leaving home and going to uni can be quite a daunting experience (trust me I’ve been there) so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need a chat (always got some snacks laying around).

Access Rep: Amie Campbell


Hi, I’m Amie, I study maths and I’m the access rep for this year!
My main role as access rep is to ensure that our college draws in applications from students from all backgrounds and to make certain that potential applicants know what a welcoming, inclusive and overall great college Catz is. This is achieved through the help of the fantastic Catz student ambassadors, who’s role is crucial to the success of the amazing access programme that we run here.