Peer Support

Peer support is a confidential listening service provided by Catz students, for Catz students. Peer supporters receive 30 hours of training courtesy of the University’s Counselling Service as preparation for the role, and we’re always happy to listen to any student, with no problem too big or too small. Feel free to get in contact with any one of us – we’re always prepared to make time to lend you an ear!

How do I get in touch?

You can book in to speak to a peer supporter by:

  • Contacting one of the peer supporters directly
  • Pressing the peer support button below – somebody will get in contact with you via email ASAP


Every Wednesday and Sunday between 5pm and 6pm there will be a peer supporter available to talk to (that day’s peer supporter will be detailed in the weekly welfare emails). Our peer supporters are also available throughout the week and able to arrange a time/date which is convenient for you. Just drop us an email and we’ll get back you ASAP!

Ben Shuker

Email address-
Hiyaaa, I’m Ben (he/him) a 2nd year Physics student from Edgware (North London). I am interested in all things sport, watching it, playing it, reading about it and any other way I can get involved in it! But if that’s not your thing then TV, movies and food are particular favourites of mine. Feel free to message me about anything or come say and hi if you see me around!

Charlie Blake

Email address-
Hey I’m Charlie (He/Him)! I’m a 2nd year engineer, your LGBTQ+ Welfare Rep and one of your peer supporters. If you have anything on your mind, no matter how big or small, I will be able to listen and make sure that we solve your issue. If it concerns an LGBTQ+ problem you may also seek help from the the rainbow peers (ask or google for more details). You can contact me via Facebook, email or in person.

Dani Groves

Email address-
Hey, I’m Dani (She/Her)! I’m a 2nd year Biomedic and now fully fledged peer supporter! I love tea and literally all food and am keen to share these with you if you need to chat. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email, fb message or pull me aside if you need someone to listen to you over absolutely anything.

Matt Fay

Email address-
Hi I’m Matt (he/him) I’m a third year physics, one of Catz’s several resident unicyclists and by popular vote ironically won “best dancer in college 2016.”

Raphaëlle Petit

Email address-
Hi ! My name is Raphaëlle (she/her), a 2nd year, studying Law with French Law and one of your peer supporters (yay!). I really enjoy baking, napping (eating and sleeping, I’m pretty much a sloth) and writing things in parentheses. If you ever need someone to talk to pls drop me an email, a dm (a postcard if you’re feeling original?). (please don’t hesitate!! Promise I don’t bite).