Welfare in College

Female Welfare:

Sian Mathur



Male Welfare:

Thomas Graham



LGBTQ+ Welfare:

Gaby Kaza



Click a button to get welfare supplies pidged to you confidentially ASAP!
[Click Here For Information on Sanitary and Sexual Health Products]

Who/what are welfare reps?

Hey guys, we’re Sian, Tom and Gaby your female, male and LGBTQ+ welfare representatives for 2018/19! This means we are a couple of friendly faces you’ll see around college who are available to chat to about any worries you may have starting at university away from home. You can chat to, message or email us about anything you’d like to get off your chest in complete confidence. We are in charge of providing support and advice and will be peer support trained. We are also in charge of sexual health in college.


What are peer supporters?

Peer supporters are students in college that have been trained by counsellors to talk through problems that you might be facing in college. There are peer support sessions every Wednesday 5:30-6:30, and 5-6 on Sundays. They are in a safe space and are completely confidential. We will send you a weekly e-mail detailing how to book peer supporter sessions.
The peer supporters for Trinity term are:

  • Ben Shuker
  • Maya Shahor
  • Dani Groves
  • Matt Fay

For more information about Peer Support at Catz click here


What sort of Welfare Events are there in term time?

As part of our welfare role we want to make sure that you’re continually healthy and happy. Every week we run welfare munch – free food in the JCR between 4pm and 6pm to get everyone chatting and to act as a work break for those of you having an essay crisis!
We will also run some other events during term time, such as various (potentially themed) film nights, gingerbread decoration, animal related events (keep your eye out for these) and various workshops.


What sort of Sexual Health stuff do you do?

We provide FREE condoms, pregnancy tests, lube, dental dams, sanitary towels and tampons all term. Just press the CONDOM BUTTON ABOVE to get free condoms, and we will pidge them to you ASAP (we will pidge you the other stuff too). This is obviously all confidential. In Hilary (second) term, we will be running a Sexual Health Awareness week.

What about emergency contraception?

Emergency Contraception (better known as the morning after pill) is available free of charge in Oxford City for women of reproductive age from:

  • College Doctors – 9 King Edward Street Surgery, (Mon-Fri)
  • Rectory Road Clinic, Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BU
  • Contraceptive Services, Churchill Hospital, Headington, (Mon-Sat)
  • Out of Hours Service, Manzil Way, Cowley

Other providers of free Emergency Contraception for women under 21 years of age, when a pharmacist is present, are:

  • Boots the Chemist, Cornmarket
  • Lloyds Pharmacy 116 Walton Street
  • Rowlands Pharmacy, East Oxford Health Centre, Manzil Way, Cowley
  • Woodstock Road Chemist, 59 Woodstock Road.

However for these sites it must be noted that the pharmacist is NOT always present, and costs of over £25 can arise when having to purchase. You can get the cost of emergency contraception reimbursed by pidging your receipt to the welfare rep/women’s rep.

Other information and providers can be found on oxcentric.oxme.info


What is 5th week blues?

5th week blues is an Oxford/Catz term given to the stress that students often feel in 5th week (when the work is piling up). We want to make sure that you manage to brave through the storm. We run a freddo scheme, in which you can email us a message to send to a friend in need of cheering up, and we will pidge them this message and FREDDO. Keep your eye out for other events going on in 5th week…


Where else can I go for advice/help?

The Junior Deans are graduates who live in college, and you can also go to them for help. They have also been trained by the Oxford University Counselling Service to provide welfare help, and you can email them to organise appointments. In particular they are the best point of calls regarding academic issues, or disruptions on your staircase. In the event of emergency, the Junior Deans are notified by the lodge staff. They are trained to assist in first aid. One of the four junior deans will be on duty between 7pm and 7am Monday to Friday and at weekends. Contact can be made through the Porter’s Lodge (01865271700).


What about Medical Help:

You can get medical help in a number of ways.
- Our college nurse is around in Room 1 Staircase 1. No appointment is necessary but check the Opening Hours. Or you could email her at clare.woolcott@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

  • The College Doctor works at 9 King Edward Street (OX1 4JA) and is only available by appointment except in an emergency. The Surgery’s number is 01865 242 657.
  • NHS Direct is available by calling 111 for non-emergency medical advice.
  • In a medical emergency, call 999 or 112.


What other support can I get?

Here are some other useful contacts:

  • FRANK (0800 77 66 00) 24hr friendly confidential drugs advice.
  • Nightline (01865 270 270) 8pm to 8am Independent listening, support and information service run by students for students.
  • CAB Citizens Advice Bureau (08444 111 444) Free and confidential help and advice on legal or financial problems.
  • Samaritans (08457 90 90 90) 24hr or email jo@samaritans.org a confidential listening service.
  • NHS Direct (111) 24hr health advice and information.
  • John Radcliffe Hospital (01865 741 166) Local hospital in Headington open 24hrs.
  • Student Advice Service (01865 288 466) Confidential information and support service run by just graduated students.
  • University counselling service (01865 270 300) Staffed by professional councillors offering one on one and group sessions.
  • Safety Bus (07714 445 050) 9pm to 3am Monday to Saturday, 9am to 1am Sunday. A pick up and delivery service anywhere inside the ring road for £1 donation.
  • Sexual Health Oxfordshire Students under the age of 25 can order Chlamydia test postal packs