Welfare Events

Welfare events are an important part of Catz life, facilitating a sense of connection and community as well as reinforcing the need to take well-deserved breaks from work and other responsibilities. Welfare events can also provide platforms to learn, as the welfare reps are in the position to organise helpful workshops or speeches from knowledgeable speakers about important aspects of welfare. 

Here are a few welfare events that you can expect to find in a typical term! 


A Catz favorite, munch is a lovely time where people come together in the JCR to chill with each other on a Sunday afternoon. A break that everyone can look forward to at the end of a long week! 

5th/6th week Events 

Welfare is important in every week of term, however there are some special welfare events that happen in the middle of term that aim to motivate and act as a pick-me-up for anyone who may be in a mid-term slump (very natural). The welfare reps organise a variety of events that aim to reinforce connections within college and hopefully provide that extra bit of energy that everyone needs.

Film nights 

Having an intimate lecture theatre in college provides a great space to host movie nights to get people out of their rooms and engaging in some feel-good films and good company. Film nights are also a great place to meet people and reinforce connections. Who doesn’t love a bit of High School Musical or Legally Blonde after a day of work? 

Workshops and Training Sessions 

Along with solidifying connections within college and providing positive spaces available to all catz students in need of it, there are also opportunities to engage and learn about how to better take care of yourself and others. Workshops and training sessions organised by the welfare reps are spaces where we can grow in our understanding of what affects our welfare and what we can do about it. Some of these have included in the past a Stress Management workshop and a talk by OSARCC, the Oxford Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Centre, which informed students on how to support friends who may be going through a crisis and who to turn to. 

Events may vary depending on the week and term, but wherever you are in the year, there is always a welfare event to look forward to! A couple of other favourites are Welfare Teas and some welfare-related collaborations within college, such as amazing opportunities to centre yourself with some life drawing with the arts reps, or a film night hosted by the Afro-Caribbean society.

The welfare reps often work with other colleges and will also advertise welfare events run outside of college. Last year there was a free Mental Health in Sport Course available to all Catz students, for example, so keep your eyes peeled for unique welfare events or opportunities that may pop up!