Environment & Ethics

At Catz, we run lots of charity events and fundraisers such as weekly quizzes, the promise auction and Catz take me out. These events and fundraisers support 2 JCR charities; one permanent and one elected yearly. The permanent charity is Emilie’s Charities and this is kept the same year on year. The elected charity is chosen in Michaelmas term each year, through a JCR voting process. A short description and more information about each of these charities can be found below:

Permanent charity

Emilie’s Charities

Emilie’s Charities was set up in memory of a former Catz student Emilie Harris, who tragically died in a cycling accident in Oxford. The charity helps to fund the education and welfare of children in developing countries, which Emilie was very passionate about. 

More info is available here:

Current elected charity


Sparks is a charity that funds medical research into rare and complex childhood conditions, which are often overlooked due to these factors. Approximately 6000 children are born in the UK with syndromes that aren’t recognised by medical science – Sparks is the only charity that aims to help these children.

More info is available here: