There is an amazing social scene at Catz with plenty of events on every week. One of the main social events that happens are Entzes which are college parties that happen every two weeks, usually on a Friday. They always have a theme, which previously include ABC (anything but clothes), the Noughties, and Out of this World. All the Entzes take place in the college’s JCR which gets decorated to suit the theme, and we have some amazing student DJs.

At Catz, we also have ‘unofficial’ Entzes which are similar to the regular Entzes but don’t always take place in college. Some examples from last year include the White T-shirt Entz which took place at Fever (a nightclub in Oxford) and ‘Catz Take Me Out’ where we put our own spin on the classic game show. Once a term there is also a fancier Entz, which involves a formal dinner and a black-tie dress code. Entzes (whether official or unofficial) always have a huge turnout and are some of the most fun social events at Catz. They are an opportunity to dress up, have fun with your friends, and talk to people in college that you wouldn’t usually get the chance to speak to.

On the other hand, Alternative Entz are an alcohol-free, reduced noise level alternative to the main Entz (hence the name). The aim of Alt. Entz is to allow those who don’t enjoy or feel comfortable at the main Entz to still have a good time among people who enjoy the same kind of atmosphere as them. Running from 8pm – 12am in the Bernard Sunley Building on the same night as the main Entz, Alt. Entz replaces the alcohol with biscuits, crisps, and fizzy drinks, and replaces the loud music and dancing with board, card, and video games. (Attendees are encouraged to bring their favourites!) All JCR members are welcome to attend both Entz so long as the calmer, quieter atmosphere of Alt. Entz is respected.