Most students at Catz live onsite for three years. Students on longer courses can still apply for accommodation but tend to rent privately. 

All students pay the same rent, which is at the lower end of Oxford Colleges’ accommodation prices.

All undergraduate accommodation is on-site and only a short walk to all Catz’s facilities, like the Library, Hall, JCR Bar, or Gym.

First-year and most third-year students live in Old Quad, the Grade I listed building designed by the Catz legend Arne Jacobsen. Although there are a handful of en-suites, most students have to share a bathroom with around four others. The rooms are all around a 30-second walk to the Library, and many have original Arne furnishings.

Second-year and some third-year students live in New Quad, where all rooms are en-suite. It’s closest to the Catz Grad Centre, the Lodge, and the Social Sciences Library. 

At the end of first-year, students ballot in groups of up to four to pick second-year accommodation. The order to pick rooms for third-year is based on where students came in the first year ballot, and students ballot in groups of up to six.