Catz IT 101

This page is intended to be a brief overview of frequent Oxford/Catz IT issues and queries. If you have any issues/questions beyond this then please view the College IT site and then contact the JCR IT Rep (via email or Messenger) or email College IT ( if your issue is still unresolved.

Passwords & Logins

You will likely have at least 3 separate logins and passwords during your time at Oxford. The main 3 are:

  • SSO (for use to access emails, Canvas, Inspera and other university sites). Your login for this is scatXXXX@OX.AC.UK and accompanying password; this password can be changed at and must be changed at least annually. If you forget this password then you’ll need to email to get it reset.
  • Remote access (for Eduroam and VPNs). Your login for this is scatXXXX@OX.AC.UK and your remote access password (nb. this is different to your SSO password). This can also be reset at
  • College login (for using College PCs, printing, wired network and the booking system. These details would have been sent to you by to your personal email address before you started studying at Catz.

Quick WiFi Setup

To do this you will need to have a remote access account setup (this can be done here). The login details for Eduroam are your scatXXXX@OX.AC.UK email address and your remote access password. Installing the Eduroam CAT tool is the easiest way to connect to Eduroam, however this requires your device to have an internet connection (eg. from a mobile hotspot). If this is not possible then please follow the instructions here.

  1. Go to and click on the “Click here to download your eduroam® installer” button.
  2. Select “University of Oxford” as your organisation.
  3. Click the “Download your eduroam® installer” button then install as required (this may require administrator privileges).

If these instructions didn’t work, then please follow this guide before seeking assistance from the IT rep or College IT.

Connecting to the Wired Network

In order to connect a computer to the College wired network please follow this guide. If you are unable to connect then please follow the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of the guide; for further help beyond this contact either College IT or the IT rep.

Connecting Games Consoles

Games consoles can be connected to the wired College network, but need to be registered before use. This can be done by going to the Game Console Registration section on and registering your device’s MAC Address against your College login. The device type drop-down is out of date; please select the nearest option to your console. If you have any issues then email with your console’s MAC Address and they’ll be able to manually register it.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is required to sign into SSO and can be managed here and a helpful guide for setting up MFA methods can be found here. Please set up verification methods on at least 2 separate devices – I would recommend the Authenticator app on a phone and Authy on a computer. If using the Authenticator app then please turn on cloud backups as this should make restoring access easier if you break your phone. If you lose access to all your authentication methods then you’ll need to contact College IT and ask them to reset your MFA settings.

Printing and Computer Rooms

There are a number of public computers and printers around college in the Library, JCR computer room and Sc18 computer room. Your college login details should be used to login these computers. Instructions and details about printing at Catz can be found here.

Other Things

Please backup your work frequently (you could use your University OneDrive for this).

You can access your University email account from a range of applications; a guide to set this up can be found here.

You get free access to a range of software through the University. The Microsoft Office suite can be downloaded here. Sophos Antivirus, MatLab and other products can be accessed here.